Thursday, March 26, 2015

Murphy's Law Comes To My Empowerment Blog!

Spring has come to Indiana -- even though we're still getting a last gasp of winter here and there -- and that means that I'll be able to get online more even if I don't have my own computer yet, as I'll be able to get to the library to use computers there.

Of course, when I get my minivan fixed, I'll be able to get to more places more conveniently -- including public computers with hours upon hours of access time.  

However, I'm not going to become a stranger to this wonderful, little library in Downtown Muncie, as it's on place where empowerment is being practiced in some very special ways, which I'll be writing about at a later date.

There are parts of my life that I can view as being inconvenient (and I would be right, because they ARE inconvenient).  However, this is an inconvenience used by God for greater purposes than those imagined by my original plans.  I'll be writing about this someday soon in a new blog I'll be putting together in the near future -- that is, it will be soon, if that's what God's timing means.

God's "soon" and my "soon" don't always jive, but that's okay by me!  Why? Because His "soon" runs circles around my "soon."

Anyway, I've just come across something disappointing, and that is that the pictures I copied over here (with Rose's permission -- and, in fact, at her urging) are no longer showing up.

Therefore, you will just have to imagine what the photographs look like -- and they certainly don't look like those blank (except for some kind of little icon at the top of each one) rectangular areas.

However, the links still work, and they will give you the information.

I guess that, if you want to see the photos, you're just going to have to contact Rose yourself until I can make the kinds of files once more that will result in permanent photographs.

Here's a link to get you started on your journey.

You will find other links within the content of each place you'll go, and I hope you'll keep on delving into the information, because there are several women and girls who are depending on you to learn more and get the word out!!!