Thursday, January 29, 2015

Wonderful Update!!! Hope Happens!!!

Due to not having access to my own computer and Internet connection at this time, I have to depend on going somewhere such as a library to get online.  At this time of year, winter weather also factors in when it comes to even leaving my apartment building to make it as far as the Village Pantry a block away, much less, to the library.  Then, there are days when I have other things going on to where getting to the library is out-of-the-question.

In short, this is my first time to get to the library in 26 days (almost a month!), so Rose and I have been playing catch-up.

She shared a really sad picture with me, which I've shared here:

It shows one of the young slave-brides who ended up getting killed.

We've been messaging back and forth on Facebook, and she gave me some wonderful news that some of our girls had just been sponsored!!!

Here are there pictures!!!  How sad it would have been if they had ended up like the girl in the picture in the previous article instead!!!  Now, you can see why this mission is so important!!!