Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Things We Take For Granted...

The following is a neat song from "back in my day."

It has special meaning to me in at least three ways:


It reminds me of an evening spent at a place called Pumps On 12 in Town Of Pines, Indiana just because it happened to be one of the songs playing over their sound system when I was eating in this warm, cozy place for the first time.  I don't know why that song stands out more than any of the other songs from that evening, but it does.  It wasn't even a romantic evening so far as in the sense of spending time with a guy -- just romantic in the sense of its being nostalgic.

When looking it up to provide a link to it, I found out that it's now closed.  I hate to learn of that, as it truly was a wonderful place, and I'd hope to return there again next time that I was up in the Indiana Dunes area (near Michigan City).

It reminds me of a platonic friend (now deceased) named Don Krider who counted Raspberries among his favorite recording artists.


It reminds me of dreams of giving myself totally to somebody very special one of these days.  Yes, I definitely DO have somebody specific in mind, and I hope that my dreams come true, even though we both claim to be "just friends" at this time.

No matter what, it's the friendship part that really matters, because that's going to last no matter what direction our friendship takes, because this adorable, fuzzy teddy bear is just too special to not have in my life in some way or another!

We take a lot of things for granted at times -- for instance, I took for granted just being able to hop into my minivan and take off whenever I wanted to.  These days, however, I need to be watching my time so that I don't end up missing my bus back to Muncie.

As I need to get finished here soon in order not to miss the bus, I'm going to get right to my most important point which is one of the things I also take for granted is having a body healthy enough to feel the kind of passion expressed in this Raspberries oldie.

Meanwhile in places like Tanzania, some women and young girls will never be able to know what this is like due to mutillation performed on them by the men in their area. 

This is not at all right and needs to be stopped!!!

That is why what a courageous woman named Rose is doing is so important!!!

And -- even though this is horrible enough in and of itself -- the disabling of the sexuality of the women so that the men can control them isn't the only bad part about it.  These women are kept controlled in other ways as well!!!

Please go here to learn more and find out what you can do to help!!!