Friday, November 7, 2014


As of Friday, November 8, 2014, there is now a way to donate to The MAASAI WOMEN EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM by using a PayPal account that has been set up for that purpose.

However, I'm sure that you would like to know just exactly WHAT this program IS, if you don't know already before making a decision whether or not to donate to it.

Therefore, please click on the following link to find out what you need to know:

If you like what you see...

then, this is the email address to use in order to send donations to the PayPal account for this very worthwhile organization:

Can't afford to donate at this time?

You can still be a great help by sharing the information on this page with other people along with keeping everybody involved in your prayers, love, and positive thoughts.

You might also want to consider doing a fundraiser for this very worthwhile cause, such as a bake sale, bazaar, thon, and/or car wash.  If you have some sort of talent such as being a musician, why not do a show where a portion of your earnings will go to empower these women and girls?  There are so many ways to help, so, thanks, in advance, for doing at least one of them!!!